What’s it like to be an apprentice? | February 2020

13th March 2020


The start of February brought about the most noted event in my calendar #NationalApprenticeshipWeek! A week dedicated to dispelling myths around apprenticeships and promoting the number of benefits they bring. Working within an apprenticeship provider, understandably everyone was really excited at the office and couldn’t wait to see what the Marketing Team had in store. From learner case studies, quizzes to test your knowledge on all things apprenticeships, and even seeing what my own mother thought about apprenticeships (which you can read here by-the-way) I loved being able to immerse myself in the world of workplace learning and promote the advantages of vocational education. An apprentice isn’t making tea anymore (were they ever??), they’re making a massive difference to the company and people they work with.

As part of #NAW2020, I was asked to film a video about why I wanted to do an apprenticeship. Before I started my role at InterLearn, I did some research on apprenticeships and the information around them to better my understanding. Whilst applying for apprenticeship schemes, my parents wanted to find out more about apprenticeships, so I decided to re-work this information into a PowerPoint to share with them, which they very much enjoyed. Working at an apprenticeship provider, I thought National Apprenticeship Week would be the best time to share this and help any prospective apprentices with any queries they had. And I’m very pleased to share it with you now! Click here to have a listen.


What I’ve been up to…

This month my main task was collating resources for National Apprenticeship Week and of course, getting involved! Helping to spread awareness about the numerous benefits of this vocational route. For example, me and the Marketing Team created a quiz to test your knowledge about apprenticeships, which you can do here. As part of that, I was tasked with finding the relevant information and adding this to the answer bank of all the questions. It was eye-opening to find out how many people started an apprenticeship last year (hint: it was a lot)! Although I can’t say the exact answer or I spoil the quiz for you! A highlight for me was #AskanApprentice, a Q&A session where a prospective or current apprentice could ask any questions they had to another current apprentice. I did this with another colleague, and I liked engaging with the online audience, giving them advice and guidance through my personal experience with my own apprenticeship. The very reason I love writing this blog!

Another task, that had been handed to me was importing essential learner handbooks to our digital management system. This involved finding the necessary sections, scanning them and saving them individually to the filing system. As an apprentice myself, I know the importance of keeping a record of all your learning and how it can aid your personal and professional development; alongside of course your progression within your apprenticeship. So, when I was asked to do this, I took the utmost care and consideration, because these documents are very important to both learners and employers alike to see first-hand their knowledge and skills development. And that’s something you definitely don’t want to lose. To coincide with this I was also asked to put together my own Personal and Professional Development Plan which sets out my own goals for my learning and training. I found that these clarified areas I want to find out more about in my apprenticeship and areas that may need improving. But it was really great to see my progression from when I first started to now. Just goes to show you that sometimes you’ve achieved more than what you credit yourself for.


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