The Value of an Apprenticeship

8th July 2020

At InterLearn, we believe that apprenticeships aren’t just a certificate, or simply a qualification to add to your CV; yes, they’re a great part of it and give you something tangible to evidence the hard work and learning. But what we have learned over the years as a Training Provider is how completing an apprenticeship can give a learner so much more, and confirmation of this is Jen, who recently completed her Level 3 Team Leader qualification through InterLearn. Wanting to share the benefits of an apprenticeship with the world, Jen tells us about her experience, and specifically how the programme has given her a hunger to take on the next challenge and even how it’s helped motivate her children too.

Having recently completed her Team Leader qualification with an overall distinction, Jen has taken some time to reflect on the past 12 months and how her learning journey at this stage in her career and her life has had a positive impact on both. She expressed that raising three children and sharing her apprenticeship experience with them throughout it, has helped reinforce the importance of learning to her kids. She went on to say that her achievement has proved to her children that despite your age, anything is possible, as long as you have the determination and willingness to put in the hard work.

Jen also confided in us about how her apprenticeship has also helped push her out of her comfort zone, particularly during the final three months and the end point assessment (EPA). At a time where she had to juggle work commitments, focus on the completion of her portfolio and manage her busy life at home, she was able to work through and achieve it all. Although at the time, it seemed an impossible task, Jen managed to use the skills she had learnt through her masterclasses and apply them to these challenging situations.

In addition to the knowledge she gained from her apprenticeship programme, Jen also told us how grateful she is for the working relationships she developed during the 12-months, with others on the programme. ‘Being able to share this experience with members of the same cohort has been pivotal to my success. During EPA, I was able to talk to peers who were taking the same qualification but who were slightly ahead of me in their journey, and they were able to share some great advice, encouraging me to revise all the notes taken during class and to review the criteria outlined on my OneFile eportfolio account. Building these relationships with colleagues has increased my confidence and reinforced the importance of teamwork.’

When speaking about the future, Jen said, ‘I am excited about using the new knowledge I have acquired to further my career in leadership and management, and I feel I have ignited a passion for learning, and I want to continue that.’

We are so proud of Jen and everything she has achieved, a great example of how this apprenticeship not only gives knowledge and skills on how to manage a team, but also proof that learning helps to inspire others who witness it. We cannot wait to see how your career unfolds and we look forward to helping support you with your future aspirations – and of course your next choice of apprenticeship!

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