The many benefits of apprenticeships- a parent’s point of view

3rd February 2020

As part of #NAW2020, spreading awareness about apprenticeships and the career prospects that come with them, we wanted to get a parent’s opinion on this particular vocational education route for their children. Back ‘in their day’ there wasn’t much information or guidance on this choice as the start of a chosen profession.

Our own Marketing and Communications Apprentice, Sophie Cooper, decided to interview one of her parents to learn more about what they knew about apprenticeships and what they thought of her daughter being an apprentice. Speaking with her mother, who had  gone straight from high school into a job, she received a very positive response about the benefits of workplace learning and developing your professional career at an early age. And we couldn’t agree more! Here’s what Sophie’s mum had to say about apprenticeships, her daughter’s choice and the changes she’s witnessed in Sophie since starting on her learning journey.

Sophie: What do you know about apprenticeships?
Mum: I know that they are a training scheme that leads to work, in any sector or profession you choose; and that there is a statutory minimum wage.

Sophie: What did you think when I said I wanted to do an apprenticeship?
Mum: I thought it was a good idea and a great way for getting into work in the long-term and furthering your professional career.

Sophie: How do you think I have changed since becoming an apprenticeship?
Mum: I think you have definitely increased in confidence and gained an invaluable insight into this sector. I also think that your multi-tasking and communication skills have improved in the rest of your life; as well as what I believe you have done in your work.

Sophie: What advice would you give to parents whose children are interested in undertaking an apprenticeship?
Mum: I would say be supportive and communicate with your children, so you understand their reasoning behind the choice.

Sophie: What would you say to prospective apprentices?
Mum: Be specific in your applications and know why you want to go into that field.

Sophie: What would you say the benefits of apprenticeships are compared to traditional education?
Mum: The faster learning pace, upskilling first-hand in your professional career, the ability to #earnwhileyoulearn and being able to experience the workplace at the same time.

We wish Sophie the best of luck as she pursues her apprenticeship and fingers crossed that she gains that qualification (but we have no doubt having seen her progression so far). If you would like to learn more about apprenticeships as either a parent or someone looking to start in or upskill in their career, find out more about InterLearn’s services.

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