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2nd June 2020

Who’d have thought that within a month of launching our health and safety apprenticeships, that we would be met by a worldwide pandemic? We didn’t, but it certainly hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm to proceed, nor that of our clients! It’s difficult to believe that our health & safety division was only introduced in February this year, bringing on board this new apprenticeship standard to sit alongside our portfolio of short, accredited health & safety training courses.

Adapting our preferred delivery model of classroom workshop training and  utilising a mix of technology, learning platforms and applications to enable remote delivery, has not only managed to keep us trading through these challenging times, but has helped us to build upon the mission of driving health and safety change through tailored programs for this and the next generation of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) professionals.

We’ve found that health and safety hasn’t taken a back seat during these times, but on the contrary has been elevated front and centre – and we aren’t surprised about that either. Health and safety professionals know that by ensuring their employees are working responsibly and with safety at the heart of what they do, they’re more likely to work efficiently, productively and be happier in the knowledge that their employer cares about their day-to-day wellbeing. Because of that, the interest in and uptake of our health and safety training portfolio has not taken a negative hit and has in fact defied our own ambitious targets for these early months.

We launched the division with a Level 3 Safety, Health & Environment Technician apprenticeship which sees us working very closely with IOSH to map three of their courses into the delivery program. These three elements cover IOSH Managing Safely®, IOSH Environment for Business and the IOSH Certificate in Safety & Health for Business. We then pair up the learner with our IOSH Chartered Tutor who has over 30 years’ experience in high risk Health & Safety, as well as getting the learner enrolled onto the IOSH Mentor scheme. This is an exciting new initiative to introduce learners and experienced OSH professionals to share expertise, knowledge and development opportunities.

SHE Tech is a quality-packed program and as far as I am concerned the best of its type available anywhere so that learners benefit and businesses really get to maximise the levy to fund great H&S training. The feedback received from one of our clients was that in their experience “this quality of H&S upskilling just doesn’t exist in FE”; obviously I had to point out that it clearly does! I’m loving being able to let people know just what’s now available in terms of H&S qualifications linked to the apprenticeship arena. We find that SHE Tech in particular maps perfectly not only to those at the early stages of their Health & Safety careers, but also to those with supervisory and managerial responsibilities who really want to develop their knowledge and skills in Health & Safety too. We were a tad disappointed that owing to the measures imposed through Lockdown that our pilot cohort didn’t get to enjoy their launch day at IOSH HQ as planned, but the engagement levels haven’t been affected as a result and those learners are progressing well.

To complement this longer-term, apprenticeship qualification, we have our commercial offering too, with accredited short courses including IOSH, CITB Mental Health First Aid and First Aid. The ambition is for us to be the ‘home for health and safety’ nationally and I’m proud that we are making such quick strides in this space. I can’t wait to see the team grow more with additional trainers and development professionals in our plans for this summer, plus exploring further qualifications to add to our portfolio. See you next time when hopefully I’ll have even more great updates to share.

Martin Blakemore



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