Southeastern Rail Apprentices Awarded Certificates

16th September 2019

Earlier this month some of the InterLearn team joined up with their Southeastern Rail (SER) counterparts in London to celebrate Apprenticeship success across the SER business. The fourteen Train Drivers and Conductors that had recently successfully completed their apprenticeship were invited to celebrate their achievement and receive their certificates.

Kicking off the ceremony, SER’s MD David Statham shared how he had been in the sector for almost 30 years, but that the cohort in front of him “marked the next generation of rail personnel and the day represents the next step in your career”. He went on to talk about the company’s investment in its workers which comes in many forms, adding “one of the best in my opinion is investing in apprenticeships, bringing new people into Southeastern and into the industry”. We couldn’t agree more naturally!

The SER Director for HR, Scott Maynard also spoke, focusing on the individuals in the room being a source of pride to SER as ‘firsts’ in the industry, especially THE very first train driver Apprenticeship of the ‘new world’, Jason Holland and the first conductor in Kelly Rainton.  He revisited the journey with InterLearn, when it all began in January 2018 with 200 colleagues enrolling in the programme – and now they are industry leaders!

Also speaking of the achievement of all learners was Jason Sprenger, Chief Executive of Highfield, the EPAO for the programme to date. He told us

“Achieving an apprenticeship in any discipline is no mean feat, but to be the first to achieve an apprenticeship in such an important and vital subject as Level 2 Passenger Transport Service Operations Driver Bus, Coach and Rail (Rail) is exceptional. Jason should feel incredibly proud of himself and what he has achieved, as should the entire team at Southeastern and InterLearn. Apprenticeships are great for business and can provide a welcome boost to staff development and productivity when it is most needed. Highfield is delighted that we were Southeastern Railways’ chosen EPAO for this particular standard and that we could play a part in Jason’s apprenticeship. Highfield is looking forward to supporting many more apprentice graduates with Southeastern and InterLearn.”

InterLearn’s COO Craig Hughes echoed what David and Scott before him had said – that each apprentice, and SER as their employer, should be proud. They are FIRST in the sector and that shows great leadership at all levels. Craig went on to also revisit the 18 month partnership with SER, acknowledging that it hadn’t always been an easy process with the Apprenticeship reforms, presenting new funding rules and different aspects to navigate and master.  It’s not as simple as a visit to the apprentice, Craig emphasised; there’s a huge amount of work that goes into establishing a successful programme, learner journey and overall experience. However, as both SER and InterLearn are dedicated to providing excellent training, this journey has been a success!

The day was a welcome recognition and celebration of all the work these learners have accomplished and their achievement of these new qualifications, with the critical support of their employer. And with some of them already looking at pursuing the next level apprenticeship, we’re quite confident their journey – learning and otherwise – will continue!


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