Self-care over self-sabotage; a step-by-step plan!

16th June 2020

The ultimate nemesis of self-care is self-sabotage, so, today we’re sharing some top tips, hints and tricks for turning negative thoughts into positive affirmation.

  1. Identify your Self-Sabotaging Behaviours; to do anything about it, you need to recognise you’re doing it
  2. Create a Journaling Habit; writing your thoughts down will help you see more clearly
  3. Practice Mindfulness; it will remove your autopilot mode
  4. Regret is Stronger than Failure; taking action, even if you fail, will make you feel better
  5. Make Small Meaningful Changes; over time they’ll help create better habits
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others; for in comparison, you limit your own beauty and potential
  7. Set Long-term Realistic Goals; step-by-step plans will banish self-defeating thoughts
  8. Be Your Own Best Friend; give yourself the same love and advice you would your best mate; you’d never do anything to intentionally hurt them, so why would you do it to yourself?
  9. Face your fears; be brave and challenge your comfort zone and you’ll find that you’ll be living life at its best
  10. Seek professional help; that’s what experts are for. Sometimes we need that bit of extra help – take it!

Using just some of the techniques above will help you take control and dispel those pesky self-defeating thoughts. If you are keen to learn more about this and how you can truly live your best life, take a look here and give yourself some time to build those good habits.

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