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Our Safeguarding details:
Call: 01527 407 140 (Weekdays 08:30 – 17:30)
Call: 07950 858 084 (Out of Hours)
Email: [email protected]

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Making a referral

Ensure that the student is not in any immediate danger. Staff will seek medical attention if the student is suffering from a serious injury; medical support must be sough as a first priority.

Write down what the student told you as soon as you can, using the student’s own words, including the time, the setting and names of those present and give this immediately to a member of the Safeguarding and Prevent Team.  This should include the basic facts of the allegation, information about any visible injuries, the student’s preferred course of action and their contact details.  (Please use the safeguarding proforma which can be found in annex No 2 and can also be located on SharePoint under safeguarding).

You must sign, time and date the account.

Inform the student that you must pass the information on, but that, only those who need to know, will be informed.

Assure them that they will be kept informed of all of the developments.

Inform the student that a member of the Safeguarding Team will make contact with them.

Our safeguarding team



Telephone No

Email Address

Donna Frost

Lead Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Officer


[email protected]

Natasha Phipps

Designated Safeguarding Officer

[email protected]

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