Rail Apprenticeship Success during National Apprenticeship Week – and Beyond.

20th February 2020

The beginning of February saw InterLearn finish National Apprenticeship Week with a flourish as they co-hosted a celebration of apprentice Train Drivers, On Board Managers and Revenue Protection & Enforcement Officers receiving their certificates. The InterLearn team joined colleagues from Southeastern, along with representatives from The Institute of Railway Operators (IRO), who had worked with the apprentices as the chosen End Point Assessment Organisation.

The event took place in London, with the awards preceded by a lunch and speeches. First to address the room of successful apprentices was Southeastern’s HR Director Scott Maynard who spoke of the prestige associated with this qualification across the Southeastern group. He shared how some of the most senior directors had started their careers in the company as an apprentice and what a great responsibility the roles of Train Driver, On Board Manager and Revenue Protection & Enforcement Officer carried in terms of Southeastern’s reputation, providing an invaluable service to thousands of people every single day. As an apprentice, these roles were no less responsible.

Following Scott Maynard was InterLearn’s Operations Manager for Rail, Scott Worland, who was accompanied by Director of Marketing & Comms, Kim Pattison. They co-presented to deliver the InterLearn message which built on the key themes of National Apprenticeship Week; Look Beyond, Making Impact, Making Waves and being Fired Up. They talked of how each theme applied to those achievers in the room, especially in terms of Look beyond, with two of the first Level 2 conductors who had qualified last year choosing to progress to Level 3 drivers, ‘looking beyond’ their first achievement and on to their next goal. Reflecting on some of Scott Maynard’s words, they went on to say how these apprentices were making impact; by qualifying as drivers and conductors, their roles affecting thousands of people every day, getting them safely from a to b, and with a great experience.

Looking back to the first celebration of Southeastern apprentices last September, Kim made the reference to making waves, as two colleagues from that earlier cohort had been the very first to qualify in the sector for the Train Driver and Conductor standards – making waves not only across their company but across the entire vocational education sector!

And finally they acknowledged what it takes to complete an apprenticeship. The fact that the group before them had all achieved, was no small accomplishment – learning while they work takes commitment, energy and to be fired up.

What was clear from the day is that working for Southeastern these apprenticeships are the launch pad for the individual’s future, with many of the skills they have learned being transferable, opening up opportunities within the company and helping them to continue to look beyond.

Celebrating these achievements only serves to highlight the huge benefits of apprenticeships for both the learners and the employer, but if you’d like to know more about the full range of programmes we offer and what they mean to all involved, take a look at the apprenticeship pages on our website here.


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