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At InterLearn we believe knowledge is power and the more educational options you are aware of the better choices you can make. See more information below of some of the types of training we provide. Visit for wider information.

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Apprenticeships are a great way to train and develop your career skills with cutting edge, specialised training.

In the UK over 130,000 companies offer Apprenticeship schemes to new and existing staff as they are recognised as providing high standard qualifications at a variety of levels, including degree level,
as well as developing their practical and functional skills.

Top 10 benefits of an apprenticeship


Earn while you learn

On average apprentices can earn £400 per month or more.



Training in the skills employers want.


Receive recognised qualifications

The levels are: Level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSE passes); Level 3 (equivalent to 2 A-Level passes); right the way through to Level 6 (degree level) and Level 7 (Master’s degree).


Excellent progression opportunities


Increased future earning potential

Apprentices have increased future earning potential across the course of their career.


Ongoing and personalised support

When you begin your apprenticeship, you’ll be assigned an assessor who is the person responsible for setting all of your work, marking it and guiding you through your course.


Gain real work experience

If you are a recent school or college leaver an apprenticeship is a great way to experience a professional work environment and eases you into employment whilst having people around to guide you along the way. Your colleagues will be able to show you the ropes of everyday working life so that you’ll soon fit right in!


Improve your employability

Employers will be able to see that you were able to apply yourself to the demands of a full-time job whilst also studying to complete the coursework element of your apprenticeship. This dedication and a strong work ethic is appealing to employers.


Receive discounts

As an apprentice, you’re still classed as a student, meaning you’re entitled to an NUS student discount card. This provides you with money off restaurants, clothing stores, insurance, gym memberships and much more! To find out more about an NUS card, click here.


Enjoy your holidays

Apprentices are entitled to 20 days of paid holiday, plus all public bank holidays.

Pre-Employment Training

InterLearn’s pre-employment training provides skills development across the UK for those that are either unemployed, or under threat of redundancy and wish to improve their career prospects. This service is designed the boost the skills of potential applicants and give them the training and qualifications required to successfully carry out a specific role in a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

This ensures candidates become upskilled in the specific behaviour, communication and knowledge required to exceed employers’ expectations as well as directly linking candidates to employers looking to hire. This recruitment assistance comes with dedicated work experience and collaborative interview panels.

We often arrange training in connection with Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA) which are a government-led initiative and one of the Get Britain Working measures and pioneered by the department for work and pensions. This training is coordinated between InterLearn and employers, alongside the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Candidates will typically be advised to attend an SBWA by the DWP as they feel it will increase employment prospects for the candidate.

The popular scheme focusses on specific training that employers have requested and has been designed by InterLearn. This is often a training programme of between one and three weeks which will be followed by a short period of work experience. Those who shine during this period are put forward to interview with the employer with the goal of receiving a job offer.

Student Loans

Administered by the Student Loan Company regulated and approved by the SFA. This is a non-profit making, government-owned, organisation set up in 1989 provides loans and grants to students in universities and colleges in the UK.

You can apply for an Advanced Learning Loan to help with the costs of a course at a college or training provider if you’re 19, or older. Our courses can be paid for by the individual by applying for this simple low interest, low cost loan.

  • You won’t have to pay anything back until you’re earning over £25,000 a year and if you stop working, your repayments will stop too.
  • Loan eligibility doesn’t depend on your income and there are no credit checks.
  • Independent financial advice can be sought from the Money Advice Service.

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