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InterLearn provides skills opportunities for businesses across the UK that are also available to the unemployed, or those under threat of redundancy. This service is designed the boost the skills of potential applicants and give them the training and qualifications required to successfully carry out a specific role in a wide spectrum of industry sectors. This ensures your business is directly linked to candidates specifically upskilled in the behaviour, skills and knowledge required to exceed your expectations.

Our training provision offers businesses recruitment assistance with dedicated work experience and collaborative interview panels. We tailor the courses to meet the requirements of your business – which helps ensure those qualifying from pre-employment training stand out from the crowd and are considered for any suitable roles.

We often arrange training in connection with Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA) which are a government-led initiative and one of the Get Britain Working measures and pioneered by the department for work and pensions. These are coordinated and designed around you as the employer, alongside the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Candidates will typically be advised to attend an SBWA by the DWP as they feel it will increase employment prospects for the candidate.

The popular scheme focusses on specific training that you as the employer have requested and has been designed by InterLearn. This is often a training programme of between one and three weeks which will be followed by a short period of work experience. Those who shine during this period are put forward to interview with the employer with the goal of receiving a job offer.

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