Lockdown success for Anna

28th May 2020

Hard work and determination have always been a recipe for success and proof of this is one of InterLearn’s latest achievers, Anna Nolan, Principal Consultant with global staffing and HR solutions group, Adecco, who has recently completed her Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship with an overall distinction. Keen to share her story, we wanted to find out more on how her recent qualification has supported her career path and what advice she would give to those who are also thinking of completing an apprenticeship.

Anna has always been keen to gain more of an understanding into her company’s business processes and learn more about different leadership styles, so when she was presented with the prospect of completing a Level 3 Apprenticeship through InterLearn, as part of an internal management programme, Anna grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Speaking about her career so far, Anna said, ‘I am currently the Principal Consultant for our East London branch, where I am now leading a team of two people. When offered the opportunity of the training, I discussed it with family and friends who were fully supportive and thought it was an excellent course to do. They recognised that it offered the transferrable skills that could be applied to my current job but also to future, more senior roles.

When asked about her highlights as an apprentice, Anna tells us honestly, ‘I loved the psychological aspects of the course. I particularly enjoyed the modules on self-awareness, decision making and leading a team. It wasn’t simply a course to equip you with skills to lead or manage a team, but it was also a course to help you understand people better and tailor your management styles to suit your audience.’ She went on to say, ‘My Learning Support Coach Anita, was fabulous. Her guidance throughout the process was amazing and really helped keep me on track.’

Reflecting on what Anna has learnt about herself during the apprenticeship, she told us that she has learnt to be more patient with others and herself! She explained further, saying, ‘I now manage my time more effectively, setting myself achievable SMART goals, which we learnt on the course and I am able to keep on top of my work by being more flexible with my time.’

When asked about what advice she would give to others thinking about completing an apprenticeship she added, ‘it is so worth pursuing, but you have to be fully dedicated. Set yourself goals and don’t panic if there is a looming deadline. As long as you communicate with whoever is supporting you, you will be fine.’

So, what’s next for Anna? When we asked her about her future aspirations she expressed an interest in continuing to develop her skills and hopes her experience for learning encourages others to do the same, telling us that she is going to, ‘encourage them to do as much training and development as possible.’ In the future she hopes to gain the official title of a Team Leader within her job role and we wish her all the luck in getting it!

Anna, we are so proud of you!

If you’re inspired by Anna’s story and would like to know more about the apprenticeships available for your employees like the ones delivered to Aspire, then take a look at our programmes and drop us a line for an informal chat.




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