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Sales Consultant (Yorkshire)




Closing Date13th March, 2020


The Sales Consultant is a client facing sales professional, leading the end-to-end sales interaction with the customer and managing their sales pipeline internally within InterLearn. They capture business needs and translate them into workforce solutions, retaining and growing a number of existing customer accounts, and generating new business by contacting prospective customers, qualifying opportunities and bringing the sales process to a mutually acceptable close.

They understand InterLearn’s service offering in detail, developing customer relationships through a consultative approach and building trust and confidence in their own and InterLearn’s capabilities through demonstration of detailed service knowledge, competitor knowledge and an understanding of the market in which they operate.


  • New business development focus, developing workforce solutions
  • Retaining and growing customer accounts
  • Developing customer proposals within a consultative sales environment
  • To perform any ad-hoc duties that the company considers to be reasonable.
  • To ensure your compliance with business systems and procedures.
  • To be mindful of own personal safety and the safety of colleagues in line with The Safe Guarding Policy and to report any areas for concern as appropriate.
  • To embed British Values, Equality and Diversity, Employability and Health and Safety into all appropriate communications.


Qualifications and Knowledge


  • Significant and proven sales background, with a history of meeting and exceeding targets
  • Experience of developing customer proposals
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Contribute effectively within a team environment. Work collaboratively with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Overall sound educational background
  • Basic IT knowledge (including all Microsoft packages)



Organisational knowledge: The ability to analyse the group’s sales and marketing strategies and objectives and translate them into plans and actions for your own role.

Product, service and sector knowledge: Understand the nature of your sector and the likely forthcoming changes to it. Understand the legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks relating to the education and training sector.

Market knowledge: Understand how your vertical market is segmented and how to target specific segments through effective service positioning. Thorough understanding of the education and training sector, and specifically the apprenticeship levy and the available apprenticeship standards/frameworks.

Customer knowledge: Know how to analyse the macro and micro environment of individual customers. Understand the challenges and purchasing motivations of your customers and the internal and external factors that impact their purchasing decisions. Understand expectations of what constitutes a high-quality customer experience.

Commercial and financial acumen: Understand the principles of finance for sales, including the apprenticeship levy, profit and loss, return on investment and budgeting. Appreciate the impacts of different types of costs on the business and the drivers of profitable performance. Understand the impact of any discount or variation in terms that you may offer.

Solution Development: Use customer insight/requirements underpinned by an excellent level of portfolio and product knowledge. Analyse and create innovative solutions and propositions that deliver tangible business benefits to customers.



Sales planning and preparation: Prioritise customers and activities to grow sales value and maximise return-on-investment in line with InterLearn’s wider client solutions strategy. Formulate and refine customer plans and objectives.

Customer engagement: Effectively communicate and interpret customer information exchanged through written, verbal and non-verbal communication. Develop a customer engagement style that effectively opens sales conversations, builds rapport, enhances customer relationships, and adapts to different customer’s social preferences.

Customer needs analysis: Be highly skilled at effective questioning and active listening techniques to understand the customer’s needs, guide the sales conversation appropriately, create mutual understanding, and build trust and affinity with customers.

Propose and present solutions: Develop sales proposals and deliver them using a presentation style and technique appropriate for your customer. Present the relevant InterLearn service offering, explain features and their advantages, and clearly articulate the value and benefit of the solution for the specific customer. Use and adapt a range of techniques to draw-out and overcome common sales objections.

Negotiate: Research the customer’s likely desired outcomes and negotiating stance. Develop responses to likely objections. Negotiate variables effectively.

Closing sales: Be attuned to verbal and non-verbal buying-signals and move to close at an appropriate point in sales conversations. Develop ethical techniques to close sales and confirm customers’ purchase agreement.

Time management: Use and adapt appropriate tools and techniques to prioritise and manage your time effectively. Complete accurate records and process sales in accordance with InterLearn’s policies, procedures and CRM platform.

Collaboration and team-work: Contribute effectively within a team environment. Work collaboratively with both internal and external stakeholders. Manage communications with cross-functional teams in relation to the effective delivery of your sales strategy, such as Operational/Implementation/Curriculum teams. Support continual business improvement by sharing best practice with client solutions team colleagues and assist the marketing team to develop new marketing collateral.



Ethics and integrity: Present yourself as an ambassador for the InterLearn brand, and act in accordance with our values, DNA and code of conduct at all times. Maintain integrity in all business relationships. Challenge unethical behaviour.

Proactivity: Proactively develop new and existing customer relationships. Plan and lead sales conversations and make recommendations to support the customers’ requirements. Proactively monitor the customer experience.

Self-discipline: Demonstrate the ability to control your actions, reactions and emotions. Remain calm under pressure and be aware of your personal impact on others.

Resilience and self-motivation: Demonstrate the ability to maintain optimism and professionalism in the face of rejection, quickly recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity. Remain highly motivated to achieve both personal and professional goals.

Continuous professional development: Respond positively to coaching, guidance or instruction; demonstrate awareness and ownership of your continual professional development, and actively seek out development opportunities outside of formal learning situations.

Professionalism: Sets an example, and is fair, consistent and impartial. Open and honest. Operates within the organisational values.

Inclusive: Open, approachable, authentic, and able to build trust with others. Seeks the views of others and values diversity.


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