InterLearn’s Queen of Customer Experience

26th June 2019

We asked our new customer services lead a few questions to really get to know the face beneath the crown of the Queen of Customer Experience! We certainly got a good feel for what makes her tick and indeed, what makes here the perfect personality for our approach to customer services.


Q: How would you describe yourself in one short sentence?

A: A creative person who has a passion and drive to help others


Q: What’s your new role going to be?

A: My new role starting in July will be in customer services focusing on improving communication with our apprentices and employers, helping them flourish on their learner journey with us and to have the best experience of an apprenticeship.


Q: What made you want to accept the challenge?

A: Those who know me will vouch that I love to talk, but that I also like to help others. I felt this role gave me the opportunity to do both and to give the learners a voice. I have always wanted to be an advocate for our learners especially as I am completing an apprenticeship myself so I can appreciate the ‘high and lows’ of the learner’s journey and what they are experiencing. I accepted this challenge as I want to make a difference and look forward to hearing about the learning directly from our apprentices and therefore help to make InterLearn a better training provider.


Q: In three words, tell us your priorities for the first 3 months?

A: Customer centric culture


Q: What does success look like for you?

A: Success (for me personally) comes in all shapes and sizes. I have always been one to celebrate the little successes – for example, the arrival of a certificate (known by me and the team as the golden ticket!) and when someone has passed an exam that they have been struggling with. On a grander scale, success for me and the future of this company is to make the learners happy. I once read an interview with Richard Branson who said the key to success is happiness and as simple as it sounds I really believe this. I think if we focus on making our learners happy then everything else (in terms of the business) will thrive.


Q: Can you explain (simplistically, like you would to your granny) what customer experience is?

A: Customer experience to me is the best relationship/interaction between us and the customer (learner/employer) over the duration of the apprenticeship – and beyond in some instances. The best form of customer experience is when that interaction enhances their learning; ideally we should be viewed as an extended part of their circle of family and friends.


Q: What makes Lanny skip out of bed in a morning?

A: I love life and I always believe we should live for each day. This spurs me on to do my best and help others feel the same. The people at Interlearn are amazing and certainly make work life a pleasurable experience.


Q: This time next year, where do you seen Customer Experience in InterLearn?

A: This time next year I see customer experience as the epicentre of the learner journey. I envisage it to be the catalyst that triggers the reasons why learners talk about Interlearn and spread the word to others. I am keen to create a ‘buzz’ amongst our learners. I want to bring this to life through inspiring  case studies, interacting with the learners, celebrating their successes and capturing that. I want us to really make the most of when apprentices achieve and get their certificates by going to the employers, taking their photograph and making a celebration of when they get their qualification.

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