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1st August 2019

Erika Grinkeviciute and Arrman Shah joined us for a 12-month placement as part of their degree in International Business and Economics. They are due to complete their time with us at the end of August this year when they will return to their studies at Aston University, Birmingham.

During their time with at InterLearn Erika and Arrman have become part of the family and so, as their placement is drawing to a close, we take a look back with them on their experience and what insights and knowledge they will take with them on the next part of their journey.


What first attracted you to taking a placement at InterLearn?

Erika: The main reason I was attracted to do a placement at InterLearn is due to it being a new business, I thought it would be interesting to see the journey that it goes through. Additionally, I wanted to see whether the numerous amounts of models, theories, business structures which I have previously learnt about get implemented within a day-to-day business environment and the way these are used in a real world environment.
Arrman: When I saw how friendly everyone was when I came to the re-branding launch party and seeing how the owners treat everyone like family. It seemed like a great place to gain some experience (which it has been) and learn what it’s like running a business.


What sort of thing do you enjoy doing outside of work? / What interests do you have?

Erika: I love going out for food and nice cocktails! I also love going to the cinema – I often go on a weekly basis and my favourite genres to watch are animated cartoons and comedies. To add to that, I love doing activities such as mini golf, bowling, arcades – anything active and fun!
Arrman: My main interests will come from technology, fashion and music. I enjoy going out for drinks and going to the movies and I love basketball which is my favourite sport.


What three words would best describe you?

Erika: Sassy, caring and confident!!
Arrman: Funny, fastidious, direct


Briefly, what does your current role entail?

Erika: My role as a Data and MIS Administrator involves processing and submitting accurate data, ensuring internal compliance, liaising with awarding bodies, government departments and supply chain partners plus many more tasks. In this team you get to dip into so many different aspects of the business such as processing starts, dealing with queries from colleagues in other departments, registrations for certificates, filing etc….
Arrman: I have had a variety of roles during my time with InterLearn, working in both the Finance and Data & MIS departments. My duties have involved work on process development and design, day to day corporate finances and file cataloguing and management of files. I am currently sorting the historic files and creating a tracker to improve file locating.


What’s been your biggest challenge during your time with InterLearn?

Erika: I personally think that the biggest challenge during my time at InterLearn was experiencing the Ofsted inspection. The atmosphere in the office was intense but in a good way, with colleagues pulling together as a team – which helped things go well.
Arrman: The biggest challenge was learning how the industry works which is something I’m still learning as I didn’t have much prior knowledge beforehand.


What is the most satisfying aspect of your role?

Erika: The most satisfying aspect of my role is working within the Data and MIS team as everyone that I have worked with in my team is so helpful and have taught me so much. When I first joined I had absolutely no clue on what was going on but over time I have gained a huge amount of knowledge all thanks to our teamwork 😊
Arrman: I have a high attention to detail and so find organising new logging systems and making sure everything is correct is quite satisfying to me. Working with other departments and getting to know everyone has been really enjoyable as everyone is nice and friendly here.


How do you manage your workload and priorities?

Erika: To help manage my workload, and as a team, we create an ‘Admin task list’ where we gather everything that we receive such as starts, CHOC forms, registrations and more. We create task lists daily, once in the morning and once before close of  play. According to that, we decide which tasks to prioritise and it helps us track our progress.
Arrman: I monitor exactly how much I’ve done, try to calculate how long tasks will take and the best way to make sure I get everything done properly. I’ll always prioritise the tasks that need the most attention first or have deadlines soon.


What is your favourite thing about working at InterLearn?

Erika: My favourite thing about working at InterLearn is the employees. Through InterLearn I have met so many great people and feel the business environment/culture that has been developed at the company over time is something to be proud of!
Arrman: The people. Everyone is nice and friendly which is something you will not always get in other businesses so it’s nice to be in this environment.


What are your career aspirations for the future?

Erika: I still haven’t made my mind up on what sector I would like to work in or the exact job role after I graduate from university, as my degree is so broad but I do take interest in marketing and finance so could see myself getting involved in that. I would also love to eventually move to London and work for a big company, something like L’Oréal. And in the future, I would love to move abroad – preferably somewhere hot (ha-ha!)
Arrman: I mainly want work in the financial industry in something I have a strong interest in and move to another country that is hot unlike the usual English weather. I would love to open my own business in the future which may be something like InterLearn or something a lot more casual like a restaurant or bar which seems like fun.


What are the top 3 skills or practices that you have learned from your time with us that you will take away with you and use in the future?

Erika: Firstly; communication is KEY between all departments, for example, the introduction of Interface comms has been a huge success within the company as everyone is aware of what is going on in the business and the industry. Secondly, managing workload and prioritising tasks is important to get things done in time. And finally; teamwork makes the dream work 😊!
Arrman: I’ve gained experience on things that I have learnt on paper but doing them in a real working environment has helped me understand them better and I will be able to use them in the future. Learning how to use an online system like Xero is something that will be useful for me as I know how to use the software which is used by many other companies. I’ve been able to learn and experience how a new business can grow and the problems it can face which is very valuable to see as I’ll be able to use this insight in the future.


Thank you both for sharing these insights and we are very glad you have found the experience both enjoyable and valuable. We hope you have a fabulous final month with the InterLearn team and wish you all the best for the future!

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