Hello Saturday; we love you!

3rd April 2020

Hold your hands up if you’re glad it’s Saturday! Yes, us too. And despite the maelstrom of emotions we’re undoubtedly all feeling right now, we’re trying to see the positives this weekend. The sun is forecast to shine and regardless of parks being closed, we can still step outside our doors to have that one session of exercise a day (following public health guidelines of course), so that vitamin E is all yours for the taking.

The team here at InterLearn has been sharing some of our plans for the weekend, or certainly some of the things on our wish list, and we’re happy to share them with you. So if you woke up this morning and have your health, have food in your cupboards and loo roll in your bathroom, this one’s for you. Grab the day with all you’ve got and enjoy at least one of the following;

  • Make an awesome breakfast, one that you wouldn’t usually have in the week. Take time to eat it; savour it, enjoy the moment.
  • Create your own happy hour! And combine it with learning a new cocktail (or two). You get to decide when; it’s always wine o’clock somewhere in the world
  • Nap. Go on. Just because you can. There are a number of surprising benefits to taking a nap in the afternoon, such as boosting your willpower, lowering your blood pressure and providing a memory boost.
  • Start an online course (InterLearn has some coming soon … watch this space!); learning something new again comes with a host of benefits. It can give you an escape, which we think is particularly important right now, and have you ever heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’? Need we say more?
  • Have a pyjama day… oh the sheer comfort of it. It’s decadence in brushed cotton (or silk, depends on what kind of PJ royalty you are).
  • Binge watch a box set…. and let us have your recommendations. The indulgence of consuming a boxset in one sitting is quite the treat.
  • Make your own afternoon tea; but does the cream or jam come first on your scone? Let’s have a debate!
  • FaceTime a friend or another member of your family, or try using one of the myriad of new platforms available to ‘host’ a wider gathering. Zoom and HouseParty apps are very popular right now; another thing you could have a go at learning
  • Have a picnic in your own back garden. And if you don’t have a garden, a carpet picnic can be just as satisfying. What is it about picnic snacks that seem to be much tastier than your average meat and two veg combo.
  • Dig out your board games; we’ve forgotten just how much we love Monopoly; yes really! And some of us even have a Sheffield version. Happy days.
  • Take a trip down memory lane looking at old photographs – and relive those times outdoors and in other countries. In fact, why not use it as a catalyst to plan your next holiday, once this is all behind us?

We could go on, we really do have loads we plan to do to keep us occupied, entertained, and generally feeling grateful for our lot. Weekends are precious, though based on our conversations to compile this blog, we’ve come to the conclusion that so is every day. As Snoopy says in response to Charlie Brown’s comment ‘You only live once’….’No Charlie B, you only die once. You live every day’.  On that note, we’ll just say have the most wonderful weekend.

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