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28th May 2020

Lockdown continues to be a strange time for us all. Whether you’re working remotely or furloughed, the days all seem the same – and long! And even if you’ve returned to the workplace, the rest of the world is far from ‘normal’.  To take your mind off the news and to provide you with the stimulus to counter the Groundhog Day feel of it all, your usual hobbies may not be enough, and this could lead you searching for something new. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We have created a list of hobby ideas to help get you motivated and inspired for the weekend.

From relaxing to energising, we hope there’s something here for everyone and to help you choose the hobby that will benefit you the most, firstly try to think of something that you like. Are you the type of person who enjoys being creative or do you prefer to be doing something a little more active? Narrowing down the things that you enjoy makes it a little easier when it comes to searching for a new hobby. Another point worth considering is your goal and how much time you would like to dedicate to your new hobby, whether it is learning about creating a new brand online or becoming a nutritional expert, the amount of time you have for your new interest will also help when determining what new hobby to start enjoying!

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Reading – The ultimate form of escapism, reading can help you discover new worlds and learn something new. If you are looking for some inspirations, our favourite 5 books include; To Kill a Mockingbird, Where the Crawdads Sing, Us Against You, I am Missing by Tim Weaver and any of the Harry Potter books! They are all fabulous in our humble opinion!

Yoga – Yoga is great for both your mind and body. It helps strength, flexibility and balance. There are so many wonderful online yoga classes that are being offered at the moment. This full body stretch/yoga with MadFit is designed destress and help with anxiety! We highly recommend and believe this 20-minute yoga routine is great for body and soul!

Colouring – Yes, you heard right…colouring. Not only is this hobby suitable for all ages, some members of the InterLearn family have recently found it extremely relaxing and satisfying! You can easily purchase some of the mandala colouring books, or alternatively we have found some freebies which you are able to download and print!

Journaling – Journaling can be extremely therapeutic! Giving yourself the perfect opportunity to reflect on your day and to write down and organise your thoughts is extremely satisfying. But a little advice – do not overthink it! Just take some time to sit down and write about your day and let it flow!

Running – If you have got a pair of trainers then you are ready to go! Although a little more physical in comparison to the hobbies listed above, running is also a great form of escapism and also an excuse to get out of the house! The couch to 5k programme is great for beginners and the weekly podcasts can be streamed while you are running.

Whether you embark on a new hobby this weekend, or look at the options available, we hope these suggestions give you a little food for thought and help inspire you during this difficult time. Whatever you decide to do, always remember, stay safe and keep smiling! ❤

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