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The Client Handbook has been designed by industry and educational experts to provide you with key information and support, enabling both yourself and employees to have a successful and enjoyable experience whilst working with us.


InterLearn is a training provider that specialises in the delivery of Professional Services and Technology programmes. We are a national company that takes a localised approach to training and development.

InterLearn, places a huge emphasis on employing high quality, industry-experienced staff in order to deliver market leading training programmes. These provide our clients and learners with industry specific skills and experience, building their confidence and knowledge to enhance their personal and work development.

Our staff work to the highest of standards in order to provide our clients with an outstanding service. We ensure that quality is embedded in every aspect of the business in order to remain engaging, agile and innovative.

We focus on empowering the people we work with, enabling them to progress their career whilst supporting employers in the development of their workforce.


To positively impact the lives of 250,000 people by 2020.


Respect – We have a strong moral code and understand the importance of respect for each other, our clients and the different sectors and cultures we work in across the UK.

Team Work – The team work collaboratively to achieve our targets and goals.  We are cohesively dedicated to our people and helping our clients achieve their maximum potential.

Client Centricity – We earn our clients’ trust by placing them at the core of our organisation and create true value by understanding their needs and delivering unique solutions that maximise peoples potential and business success.

View our full Employer Handbook below:
InterLearn Employer Handbook

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