Our focus
for your real world results.

Our unique, people focused approach, leads to career progress that makes a lasting a difference.

Empowered for education.

InterLearn is a cutting-edge National ITP specialising in people development and education delivery within Financial Services, Insurance, Accountancy, Legal, Leadership and Management and Digital.

We solve our client’s challenges by working in partnership to provide high quality, tailored programmes of specialist training with a flexible approach.

  • Career Development Planning
  • Workforce Development
  • Apprenticeship Provision
  • Pre-employment and Career Development Support
  • Talent Retention and Upskilling
  • Skills Development Strategist

Trading since 1985 we have supported over 100,000 people with career progression and enhancement as well as strategic bespoke training to UK PLC and SME businesses throughout the UK.

We are a tier one government provider of education and hold seven contracts with the ESFA that provide support across a multitude of sectors as well as holding a range of industry required accreditations.

Our mission

To provide the highest quality training, empowering individuals and businesses to progress to their full potential.

Our values

We are a people company, dealing directly with people’s lives, so it is important that we are friendly and approachable but always professional.

We work together to achieve our targets and goals for the benefit of all. True collaboration comes from the power of a combined team. Together, we are dedicated to achieving the maximum potential for our people, partners, clients and learners.

We actively challenge processes and search for new ways of doing things that add efficiency and value at every level.

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