Can do, will do, are doing; our response to Covid-19

26th March 2020

I’m composing this piece as we continue to work in what have been referred to in multiple articles as ‘unprecedented’ and ‘testing’ times, as ‘unchartered territory’.  While these adjectives do have their place, and despite opening with them, I’m not going to focus on or reference them further. Instead, I’m opting for more positive descriptors which I genuinely believe reflect most of the behaviour I’ve seen over this past week. I want to hone our energies on things that I have witnessed here at InterLearn, of which I am very proud, but also which I’m sure are happening across providers up and down the country, demonstrating a true ‘can-do’ mentality from the sector.

I have been overwhelmed by the attitudes so far of my colleagues at InterLearn, but also by those of our employers and our learners. While some members of the InterLearn team have regularly worked from a base other than our office, the remote delivery model we have introduced in these past seven days is far from the norm, but has been readily adopted and implemented by them, while being fully supported by our employers. We have continued to enrol new learners and to engage with those on programme. We have maintained dialogue with businesses so that we understand their challenges and work with them to address them. They have realised that while times are different (I’m determined not to use those other words!) they also acknowledge that it is good commercial sense to use the opportunity to keep their employees motivated. They have not only allowed, but have actively encouraged us to contact personnel to ensure that they are at a peak level of performance when we emerge on the other side of this crisis. This solid relationship with the employers we work with has proven beneficial, but it seems, like us, they understand that this current predicament will be over one day, and when it is, we’ll need good quality, motivated staff to help get UK plc back on its feet.

It goes without saying that above all else, our priority has to be to keep our customers and our colleagues safe, but I’m confident that not only are we doing that, but we’re protecting and safeguarding their future too through the measures we’ve taken. I hope I’m proven right!

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