Butchery Apprentices carving out a career through vocational learning

24th January 2020

An Apprenticeship can be a life changing experience for learners, opening doors of possibility that they never thought they could access and taking their career prospects to the next level. The following interview with two current InterLearn apprentices shows how this is more the case today than it ever was.

Our Learning Support Coach Toni Ragno caught up with two of his Butchery Apprentices at gourmet airline caterers Do & Co, who are currently completing a Level 2 qualification as part of their apprenticeship provided by InterLearn. In this exchange, Justinas Kapucina (JK) and Martuana’s Stonkus (MS) tell us about their experiences in their apprenticeship so far and what they hope to do after they have completed it. There are some funny anecdotes in here about wives and hopes of improved meals, though it’s not a recommended read if you’re a vegetarian… they like their meat!

Why was the apprenticeship of interest to you?

JK: Because I like cooking… and I like cooking meat.

MS: I wanted to gain more experience working for this company and to progress myself.


What did your family and friends think of you pursuing an apprenticeship?

JK: My family and friends are very happy. My wife thinks that there’s going to be more meals on the table.

MS: My wife is happy and thinks I will bring home more money!


How would you describe a typical day at work in 3 words?

JK: Happy, hard and busy.

MS: Happy, safe and responsible.


What have you learned during your apprenticeship?

JK: How to take apart, cut, saw and split different meats. I also acquired my Level 2 Food Safety, Level 2 Health and Safety and how to sharpen a knife correctly.

MS: How to prepare lamb, Food Safety and improved knife skills.


What has working with other apprentices taught you?

JK: Teamwork, rather than one person doing everything.

MS: Working with a team more effectively.


What do you hope to do after you complete this programme?

JK: I will teach some of the new guys coming up. I will show them how to correctly and safely use the knives and how to cut the meat.

MS: I would like to become a supervisor.


Would you recommend this apprenticeship?

JK: Yes, because you will have more knowledge about all types of meat, how to cut and to nicely produce everything.

MS: A definite yes because it’s taught me how to use knives correctly and cut the meat. Also, it’s a fun way of learning!


We wish them both the best of luck not only in mastering their butchering qualifications but in terms of following their ambitions into supervisory roles. If you would like to learn more about this apprenticeship and the sector specific skills you can gain visit the relevant apprenticeship section on this site.


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