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Providing teams with the skills to deliver hygienically clean environments, to healthcare standards, in which customers, service users, employees and all other visitors can thrive, work and develop, this new apprenticeship is essential for anyone working in an environment that requires specific attention to safety and sanitization. With the demands imposed on all business premises by the deep-cleaning measures expected in a world affected by Covid-19, this occupational qualification will suit both public and private sector requirements. The skills acquired from this training will not only benefit hospitals, care homes and GP Practices, but be equally valuable for leisure facilities, food manufacturing and retail, public transport and educational establishments. To instill customer confidence in the safety of any business and to give cleaning operatives this enhanced level of competence makes this programme an important addition to any future learning & development strategy.

During the programme, learners will receive instruction and tuition which will cover a variety of topics and techniques on cleaning. InterLearn has worked with employers to develop an interesting programme, which will support front line colleagues in the provision of a hygienically clean, healthcare comparable environment at a standard that prevents the spread of infection and cross contamination. Healthcare cleaning operatives additionally develop their communication skills to make a positive contribution to any service users’ experience.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with service users, managers of multi-disciplinary teams, visitors, colleagues, and infection/prevention and control functions, clinical teams and auditors. The nature of their work may also require them to respect individual’s dignity, whether that’s patients on a hospital ward, or customers in the changing rooms of a leisure centre. It requires them to identify and manage risks they encounter, and to communicate and share any concerns with the management team.

This qualification will ensure that upon completion, employees will be skilled and able to assume responsibility for routine and non-routine cleaning, critically competent in deep cleaning and rapid response cleaning to a specific hygienic standard of cleanliness set by both organisational and policy guidelines.


Who is the qualification for?

There has been an increasing appetite for regulated qualifications within the healthcare sector but the Coronvirus pandemic has driven a more urgent need for a programme which has fundamental healthcare cleaning and hygiene aspects embedded within it. Current practical cleaning applications will continue to be delivered but wrapped in knowledge which is focused on the prevention of infection whilst embracing environmental awareness.

This apprenticeship programme will introduce the use of the most up-to-date technology and help maintain the highest standards of cleanliness possible in any property.


Future opportunities; what this qualification means

The multi-billion pound cleaning industry holds a mass of opportunities for those that are willing to invest in developing themselves; their organisations and their employees, through appropriate accredited programmes. Effective tuition for cleaning operatives and supervisors has never been more essential to progressing within the cleaning industry than it is now, particularly as agreed standards of hygienic service delivery becomes a prerequisite of successful contract fulfilment.


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