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Level 4


This programme is designed for those delivering an assessor/coach role within the Education and Training sector, particularly the delivery of vocational qualifications and work-based learning.

The roles which would benefit from this qualification may include coaching and assessing apprentices, trainees or new recruits, at all levels appropriate to your own experience and qualifications.  This is usually conducted on a one-to-one basis and within a variety of settings, but primarily within the employer’s business.

You will learn and enhance your coaching skills throughout this programme, which will cover complex communication techniques such as actively listening, providing feedback and engaging learners in planning their individualised learning programme. These skills are also integral to assessing learners’ competence in relation to work related, industry standards and life skills.

As an assessor coach you will develop your collaborative approach to working with other professionals across the workplace, such as HR colleagues and mentors, ultimately supporting your learners in their development of vocational competence and the wider skills that relate to employability and professionalism.

Improving your coaching techniques will see you acquire a multifaceted set of interpersonal skills, allowing you to explore a learner’s understanding and needs as opposed to simply giving advice.


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12 Months


Classroom, Online and Workplace Learning



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