We have Pledged Support for Local Charity

7th December 2018

We have pledged to support our local Community which has been pivotal in the company’s success.

It has become knowledge that Redditch is the lowest paid town in the whole of the West Midlands and as a result of this and the extreme welfare cuts this leaves families in extreme poverty. Redditch is unique in that it has a huge divide, those of extreme wealth and equally extreme poverty. In line with the company’s DNA and motivation of empowering people to make real life impact, we work closely with a local charity who are helping local people whose lives are stricken with extreme poverty.

The Batchley Support Group is a 100% self-financed charity supporting local families and in particular families with children who essentially have so little disposable funds that they literally can’t afford food. This includes a hot meal, fresh food and toiletries as well as a children’s breakfast club for pre-school children to help parents get out to work without the burden of pre-school care which many of us know is expensive. The charity could only afford to operate the pre-school club during school terms and as a result parents felt great pressure during non-term time. After visiting the charity the company pledged to consistently financially support this initiative to allow it to remain open throughout all school holidays, providing parents with this much needed extra assistance.

Every team member of InterLearn donates £1 per week from their salary and company matches every £1 raised with another £1 combined with gift aid, the Batchley Support Group. The money donated by InterLearn fully funds the vital Pre School Breakfast Club which offers a valuable service offering children a meal with their friends before they start the day. This allows parents to drop their children off which helps them to get to work on time.

I find it difficult to put into words how much difference it will make to our small charity to have the support of a dynamic organisation like InterLearn. We have often struggled to keep supporting our local community and to have the breakfast club (one of the first in Worcester) sustainable for the future is such a joy, every child who attends has breakfast, it’s a very important service as no child should go hungry into school. The play scheme run in the school holidays is a service that is essential for working parents often on low wages who cannot afford child care and it is also like a holiday for some of our children. The one BSG has run in the past has been affordable and will be again with the support of InterLearn, we cannot thank them enough.

Maureen Muckle MBE and Chair of Batchley Support Group

This charity also offers accredited training and support pupils who have been excluded from school and who are NEET. One to One and group support for mental Health including survivors of abuse, addictions and carers who are caring for others. They also hold a very much needed Youth Club twice a week providing activities and food for young people in the community.

The team also donated the money normally spent on their traditional Secret Santa present to instead provide shoebox Christmas hampers to the Batchley Support Group clients. The company also donated this year’s Christmas tree for the Batchley area.

The local community is close to our hearts. I was introduced to Batchley Support Group by my Parents Andrea and Phil Berry who live in Batchley. From first meeting the Charity we felt compelled to help this cause as they do so much with so little resources. It is a small consideration for each member of our team but combined has significant impact to those at the heart of our community. We like to adopt the philosophy – we make a living from what we get, however, we make lives from what we give back.

Sam Morgan, Managing Partner – Covestia


We approach our second year with the intention of achieving further milestones and empowering more people to realise their potential. It is now our turn to give back to the community that has supported us.

Craig Hughes, Chief Operating Officer – InterLearn

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